• Glenna Jean Steventon was born September 10, 1933 to Victor Jackson and Norma Jane Steventon. Jean lived a strong life and cared so much for those people that were fortunate enough to be part of her life.

    Mom, Mama Jean, Aunt Sis, Grandma Saunders, whatever your name for her was, she is and always will be missed in our waking lives.

    Jean grew up during a hard part of the last 100 years. She had stern values, deep belief, and an extremely vast amount of love to give.

    Always working a number of different jobs she did her best to take care of her family. Working at restaurants with a bright smile to all of her customers. Taking care of the plants and flowers at local flower shops.

    Jean was also a very successful and popular beauty consultant for Fashion 220 for over ten years.  She lead a team of six ladies to national recognition.

    She was a proud mother of three children – Doug Jackson, Jacque Wedel, and Matt Jackson. She was overjoyed to gain three more kids to love with Daryl Wedel, Chelsea Jackson, and Rose Jackson. Beloved grandkids in Andi, Kati, Abbi, Junior, DJ, Carter, Skyler, Maddex, and Leo. There was never a moment she faltered in her love and dedication to her family.

    Jean was married to Earl Jackson nearly three fabulous decades. They had a love and passion together that was wonderful to witness. Unfortunately Earl left this world without her in the spring of 2002. It was extremely hard on mom as well as the family.

    Fortunately she found love with Everette Saunders soon and enjoyed many years together fostering their grandchildren, feeding the neighborhood raccoons, possums, and any other person, animal, or thing that needed attention in their later years together.

    Jean leaves behind so many of us that loved her. Her wonderful brother Lester Steventon, so many nieces, nephews, cousins, adopted sons and daughters, too many to count. Every one of you know how much she loved and cared for you. She never let you forget.

    Jean was preceded in passing by her husband Everette Saunders in 2021, her brothers Don and Edward, and her great love, Earl Jackson Jr.

    Jean Saunders lived and loved with great passion and enthusiasm. Deep commitment to her faith and resolute in her kindness.

    After many years struggling with health issues she passed away peacefully. Surrounded by her children and grandchildren and showered with love on the warm, sunny, summer afternoon of August 12, 2022.

    What a wonderful experience to have known her.

    Services will be at the First Baptist Church in Newton. 200 W. 6th. Saturday, August 20. 2:00 pm.